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Start Your Store (or Expand Your Reach)

  • No overhwelming commercial building lease to cover alone
  • Choose a 6- or 12-month term or go month-to-month
  • No utilities in your own name
  • No staff to run your own register
  • No workers calling off
  • No payroll, benefits, & related costs
  • No reason not to sell at Lisa's!

Get Your Start or Stay for the Long Haul

Today some great freestanding resale shops can say they got their start at Lisa's. And still others can say they are happy to remain long-term vendors within Lisa's without going out on their own because of the convenience and low overhead compared to the cost of those store fronts and staffing. Every business is different, so only you can decide what's right for you and your bottom line.

Take Advantage of Store-Wide Marketing

Our list of in-store attractions and events is steadily climbing. In addition, we're investing a lot back into our new brand and image, with a great new entrance and foyer, checkout, water feature, and lots more on the way. 

And this is part of our strategic vision to gradually become a tourist attraction to pull from regional traffic heading toward the beautiful parks and shopping destinations along the way. Shoppers from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, even Canada, are traveling to the edges of our county already, so we're giving them many reasons to add Lisa's to their itinerary. 

By being part of a 40,000 square foot location, you become one of these great reasons a shopper has to come to us and get out of their car,  even in bad weather, to browse a while. When you're part of a shoppable, all-weather destination that's proven, established, and fun to shop, you can better withstand the seasonality and "bad weather" days that plague tiny freestanding stores... 

In fact, "bad weather" for outdoor locations can readily create great shopping days inside our huge store! 

Losses and Risks are Comparatively Minimal but Still Exist

Of course, every retail shop faces accidental breakage by innocent customers, and yes, even shoplifters can turn up from time to time. Sometimes even great products just don't sell as quickly as you would like. It's all part of retail, no matter where you set up shop.

Lisa's is a proven, established store with consistent growth, a big video security system, and a great staff... But all the experience in the world cannot make any retail store immune to the retail industry's ebb and flow. As a Lisa's vendor, losses and risks are minimal compared to taking on all the risk of loss yourself, but they still do exist here and anywhere. 

Always be prepared to work your business consistently and be prepared to risk money before you consistently make it over time. We can coach you through the process... We've been where you are as a startup!

To take advantage of our many years of experience, reach our growing community of loyal shoppers from across the region, and enjoy plenty of opportunity without the massive overhead costs of traditional retail, click "Apply to be a Vendor" to start a friendly conversation with owners Paul & Lisa Hamill and their team:

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