Indoor Flea Market Vendors Galore


Our roots are still in the classic Indoor Flea Market bargain-hunting experience

We've grown in recent years to include many wonderful new vendors across many different product lines, but the heart of our business remains the classic hunt-and-find thrill of shopping our indoor flea market vendors for hot buys and unexpected surprises! 

Our established flea market-style vendors have earned a dedicated following of regular shoppers who love to come in and discover the latest deals coming in... And there are new finds every week, all year long!

Our shoppers rave about the great finds on vintage items they haven't seen in years, as well as those promising bargains that can become "better than new" with a little Pinterest inspiration and some ingenuity. 

Yes, we're growing and diversifying, but Lisa's General Store will always be the perfect place to shop for people who love to shop flea markets!

Haven't been in lately? Boy, have you got some catching up to do!

Our store is brighter, remodeled, and adding new and exciting attractions and fixtures all the time! Have you seen our Wild West-themed checkout and shopping kiosks? Have you checked out our coffee bar? Have you explored our huge concrete statue warehouse? 

We are honored to now be featured in our Mercer County Tourism Board's directory!

If you haven't seen Lisa's General Store lately, come see us again! You won't be disappointed!