Authorized U-Haul Location

Don't Wait! Book Today!

We can't tell you how many times customers call ahead, see if a truck is available, and then don't actually reserve it in advance... Then they come back and the truck is rented out! Please do not wait until you need it to book it! By then it's too late because we're in a nationwide network of U-Haul locations. It's not just Greenville residents renting our trucks!

We Have Equipment & Supplies

Think it's expensive to buy strong moving boxes and rent proper furniture and appliance dollies?

  • Buying a moving box and packing tape is cheaper than replacing your lamp. Ask us how we know.
  • Renting an appliance dolly to safely lift heavy items into the truck is cheaper than your emergency room copay and hiring last-minute movers when you hurt your back grunting heavy items on your own... Ask us how we know.

The Fine Print

  • A deposit is required. If your budget is tight, be sure to ask ahead of time what your deposit will be as a cash or credit card renter. 
  • You must provide your valid, unexpired driver's license to rent a U-Haul.
  • Not all auto insurance policies cover U-Haul rentals, so ask your agent before renting whether they recommend adding a rider to your policy or advise you to buy U-Haul rental protection at an additional charge. Better safe than sorry!
  • List all drivers! If something happens to the U-Haul and the driver at that time is not on the contract, your insurance coverage may not pay for damages... Plan ahead!